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Welcome to our dream! :-) 

It all started a long time ago in our heads... I dreamed that we would have our own small accommodation where I would organize various educations, and my Sašenka would have a horse... It all seemed so impossible... we lived in a block of flats in Prague. But somehow it seems to work, that somehow it just happens. How else would it be possible that we managed to buy our beautiful house and build our accommodation in it, albeit tiny! The horse counts and we even have sheep, and a dog and two cats... Even in 2019, we had no idea how beautiful it would be and how happy we would be here, 

I hope even more that those who stay with us , or they will learn something, they will also be satisfied with the care with which we take care of you.. We are very much looking forward to all the travelers, to all those who will hold their courses with us and will continue to pass on their knowledge,

To all those who will come to learn something, to learn something, or just to relax. Of course, everything was not easy from the beginning, a year and a half of hard work is behind us, we gained a lot of valuable experience, and we also lost friends, even some friends - but even so, without whom none of this would have been possible at all. 

But the work bore fruit and turned everything into a beautiful space that we want to offer and use. I would not have been able to do everything without my family, whom I hereby thank for valuable advice, all kinds of support and a lot of work done. I'm just... so grateful to be where we are. 

Thank you.