Welcome to our cozy place called Odal. I often get asked what Odal actually means. So: Odal is the name of RUNY - an ancient method that helps in decision-making for centuries. Specifically, the rune called ODAL - means HOME in translation. It's probably clear why I chose this name - I'm trying to make you feel calm, relaxed and harmonious here, just like at home. 

Calming, well-being, rest, awareness - this is what our place offers, which is right next to the forest, but still in the center of the action, in the center of the village of Pěnčín near Jablonec nad Nisou. 

Do you feel like it's too much for you? That you need to think? Wander through forests and meadows, cross-country ski or walk in winter, cycle in summer, go on hikes, with or without a guide, visit an interesting seminar with us, and for the undemanding - pitch a tent or stay in a caravan . All this is possible with us. Sit quietly in the common room, have coffee, tea. 

You can also buy some beads or other surprises in our shop. 

You can use our services for beautiful relaxation - a resonance couch, treat yourself to a Quasha facial massage, have your cards read in case of a difficult decision, or process some of your troubles using regression therapy, and then a drumming ritual, or experience a recharge seminar. 

The stay can be customized, for a longer or shorter period, with or without meals, with or without services, see above. The price is individual and takes into account the length and reason for the stay. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me, we will definitely agree on a tailor-made stay for the best possible price :-)

I will be very much looking forward to it. I can communicate well in English, not so much in German :-) 

You can also order a weekend or a week called Klídek

Passers-by can also sit with us for tea or coffee from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Looking forward to seeing you all - Martina Sloupová